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QuickBooks Financial:  What is QuickBooks?
A: QuickBooks also referred to as QB is a complete accouting system for business owners.

Q: What can QB do that will help my business?
A: QB can provide so many things for your business that will assist you in keeping track of finances, assist you in making wise business decisions and improve your cash flow, as well as giving you the reports you need for taxes, profits (losses), inventory, sales, receivables, payables, and employees.
Q: I see a lot of different versions of QuickBooks in the store, which one should I buy?

A: The answer to this is determine first how many users will be using it simultaneously, next what you want to do with it. Consider your specific needs before you purchase the product. Will you need to track inventory, will you create sales orders, do you need to keep track of inventory in different locations? Do you need to track customers? Will you be creating assemblies from items on hand? Will you send out invoices, statements, or just write sales receipts. A sales receipt is not the same as a sales order. How many customers do you have, how large is you inventory. For more assistance with this, please contact us.

  • Q: Since QB is so easy to use why should I consider engaging an expert for assistance or training?
    A: As QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors we have found that each person using QB will do it differently. The diffences in style allow for errors and incorrect line entries, which may cause your books to be wrong. We have the experience and knowledge to get you up and running correctly. This followed by periodic visits will keep you going in the right direction and produce the results you need to make wise business decisions.
    Q: What will you do during the training?
    A: We will assist you in setting up your file, including your company information, your chart of accounts, items, vendors, employees, customers, banking information, credit cards. We will show you how to enter the data correctly so that it flows to the correct accounts, enter your opening balances, enter bills, enter payments, create invoices that are customized to your need company, show you how to receive payments and apply them to your customers. Deposit money to make bank reconciliations easier. We will train you initially on the setup up and getting your company up and running quickly. With follow up visits we will assist you with any problems that you may have encountered.
    Q:What are some of the common mistakes people make?
    A: There are many common mistakes made in the use of Quickbooks, for example if a bill has been entered the payment may not have been applied to the bill which inflates your liabilities. Another common mistakes is to net enter the cost of an item or service that you sell, or even to coding it to the wrong account.
    Q: Can we do payroll in QuickBooks?
    A: Yes and we recommend you contacting us prior to signing up with Intuit directly. We are Intuit Solution Providers and frequently have authorized offerings from Intuit that are not advertised or available to the general public. Call us for information.QuickBooks Point of Sale:

Q: What is QuickBooks Point of Sale?
A: Point of Sale or POS is a software program that was designed for the retailer and also integrates with QB Financial.

Q: Are there different versions that a retailer can use in POS?
A: Yes, there are three. The first is the free version, which is very limited but will still allow the retailer to ring up sales, collect tax and do some other basic functions. This is a good program for starters but the retailer usually sees it's abilities are to limited and upgrades to either Basic or Pro editions. The basic version, like the free version is good but also limited. The Pro Version allows you track inventory, customers, vendors, create purchase orders from a recommended list based on your order points. Pro will also allow you to have multiple stores and multiple registers with the HeadQuarter Store doing the purchasing for all of the stores.
Q: What will I need in addition to the software?
A: At the very least you will need Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer, Bar Code Scanner, and Credit Card Swipe if you accept credit cards. You will also need a computer at each workstation. You may want a Tag Printer, Wireless Bar Code Reader, Pole Display for the customer to view the purchase as you ring the sale. Inventory Scanners are also recommended for correcting shortages/overages, performing periodic counts or an annual inventory. You will also need supplies for the system such as receipt paper.
Q: Where can I purchase this software and or hardware?
A: We sell all products that will be needed for your Retail Store, as well as training and followup. Please visit our Intuit Showcase page for more information.
Q: Is C & H Consulting an authorized reseller?
A: Yes, all equipment and software that we selll is authorized by Intuit Corporation.
Q: Can C & H Consulting arrange for us to accept Credit Cards?
A: Yes, and the best part is we can frequently get you better offerings then if you contact Intuit directly. These offering change frequently but are always made available to Intuit Solution Providers to pass on to their customers.